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manuliHyspec Mining Services

For over 17 years, Hyspec Mining Services’ aim has been to help mines, mining contractors and drilling companies to:

  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Equipment Availability
  • Increase Production

To achieve this, Hyspec :

  • Designs, provides and operates fully fitted out, state of the art, hose and hydraulics workshops, complete with stock, machines and tools, directly on the mine sites;
  • Implements daily inspection programs of hydraulic hoses on customers’ mining equipment;
  • Produces failure analysis systems and Key Performance Indicators and helps customers design specific downtime reduction programs;
  • Manages the Hydraulic hoses and fittings supply chain for its customers;
  • Contracts experienced hose technicians and workshop supervisors for daily operation and management of the hose workshop facilities;
  • Provides client training for self-management of hose workshops.

Replacement hydraulic hose assemblies and associated parts are provided 24/7 from over 65 mine site based workshops and stores to cater for the wide range of heavy duty mining and drilling equipment operating on mine sites.

As part of its portfolio of complete end to end services, Hyspec also stocks and supplies adaptors, lubrication and pumping equipment, dispensing and handling parts, industrial hoses, valves, pneumatics and pressure gauges, as well as monitoring/ metering equipment.

The parts are stocked at each workshop and are assembled by fully trained, experienced local staff, working as an integral part of the mine’s team.

Hyspec also maintains hydraulic and lubrication components on service skids, fuel bowsers and workshop lubrication facilities.

The workshop and stores are supported by in country and global warehouses to ensure adequate stocks of equipment are always available. Expatriate management is available in each country to work closely with customers in order to ensure that their needs are met in a timely manner and services delivered and constantly improved upon as required.

“Hyspec strives to ensure all of it’s customers’ expectations are exceeded in all transactions”
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