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Talking about Hyspec Mining Services in the press


Hyspec Mining Services Starts Three New Workshops in Mali

In February, Hyspec Mining Services signed a three year contract with Segala Mining Company (Endeavour Mining Group) for the provision and operation of three hydraulic hose assembly workshops at the Tabakoto Mine in Mali.

All three workshops are consigned to the mine and operated by Hyspec. Each workshop is fully equipped with Manuli Hydraulics hose assembly and cleaning equipment, as well as storage racks, shelves, work benches and stocks of hoses, fittings and adaptors. The main workshop is located at the mine’s main maintenance bay. To cater for the underground mining equipment, two additional satellite workshops have been built next to the underground mines’ maintenance service points.

For the time being, the main workshop operates twelve hours a day, seven days a week, whilst the other two operate 24 /7.

“The workshops were set up in less than two months after the contract signature”, explains Marcel Rossat, Hyspec Mining Services Operations Manager for Mali and Guinea. “Being operational in such a short time frame was quite challenging, because of the logistical constraints in Mali, but we managed to meet the strict deadlines set to us by SEMICO. We are currently training eight technicians to assist with the operation of these new workshops.They will be deployed in the workshops shortly. The range of products and services we are providing through these workshops is very large: we are supporting open pit, underground, exploration, as well as special projects, and therefore need our guys to have a large spectrum of qualifications.”

“Hyspec used to have a small workshop at Tabakoto”, adds Pieter Nel, Segala Mining Company maintenance manager. “But in 2014 we decided to take over all operations previously carried out by subcontractors, in an attempt to save on costs. We therefore implemented our own hydraulic hose assembly workshop. We continued buying hoses and fittings in bulk from Hyspec, but managed the workshop ourselves. We soon found that we were not saving any money by operating this way. On the contrary our costs increased! We then had to support the cost of having a large amount of stock and the downtime on our mining equipment increased significantly. Our technicians did not have the same expertise in hose assembly as the Hyspec technicians did, resulting in improperly assembled hoses, blown fittings and leaks. We therefore decided to leave the maintenance and assembly of our hydraulic hoses to an industry recognized expert, and chose Hyspec who had a proven track record and reputation of excellence, for this task.”

For additional information on Hyspec Mining Services activities in the Mali, please contact: marcel.rossat@hyspec.com

No Matter How Remote a Client Project is, Hyspec is Present!

In December 2014, Hyspec Mining Services signed a contract with Sogea Satom to provide a consigned workshop for the road construction project between Timbuktu and Lere, in the Northern part of Mali, all the way to the border with Mauritania. 320 kms of tar road will be built over a period of two to three years.

The Hyspec workshop, located in Niafounké, near Timbuktu, is consigned to Sogea Satom. It is ready to operate and will be managed by a Hyspec technician six days a week. The instability in Northern Mali and ongoing attacks by rebel and jihadist groups have caused the project to be put on hold for a couple of months. However, an agreement has been signed with the UN troops and Malian armed forces to secure the site, and work resumed recently.

“After Burkina Faso, this is our second project with Sogea Satom”, explains Marcel Rossat, Hyspec Mining Services Operations Manager for Mali and Guinea. “It is very challenging because of the major logistics and security issues in Northern Mali. However, we are confident in our ability to work hand in hand with our customer in order to overcome them. This project demonstrates once again Hyspec’s capacity to provide services even in the most difficult and remote locations.”

Early in 2015, Hyspec Guinea also opened a small workshop in Kouroussa for the Cassidy Gold project. The workshop at first will be supporting the mine during its development phase. But Hyspec has plans to support underground operations as well once the underground mine, which is currently under construction, becomes operational. The underground mine is expected to be at least 400 meters below ground.

“We decided to partner with Hyspec for the provision and assembly of our hydraulic hoses on site  because of their reputation for reliability and great quality of service in Guinea” explains Dries Aswegen, Maintenance Workshop Manager for Cassidy Gold. “Presently in construction and development phase, our project is not a huge one yet, but we have great ambitions. We are confident in Hyspec’s ability to support us during all of our growth stages and maintain high availability of our production equipment.”

For additional information on Hyspec activities un Mali and in Guinea, please contact: marcel.rossat@hyspec.com

Manuli Hydraulics Rockmaster Hose: Even Better than Before!

Thanks to its superior environmental, abrasion and flame resistant performances, the ROCKMASTER range of hoses, a well-known premium product from Manuli Hydraulics, continues to be very successful and popular with our clients.

In 2014 it received additional approvals and certifications:
• TUV certification of (ATEX) compliance;
• Chinese mining authority (MA) type approval;
• Indian mining authority (DGMS) type approval;
• New Australian flame resistant and anti-static (FRAS) type approval.

In order to ease its use and application, Manuli Hydraulics has recently enriched the line with additional crimping solutions that include:

• New SPIRALFIT no-skive fittings, applicable for medium and heavy duty spiral hoses;
• New M03300 no-skive ferrule, ideal for one wire braid hoses;
• New one-piece OPF and OPK fitting lines which are going to replace and improve the existing North American range.

Rockmaster hoses are available in all Hyspec mine site-based and regional workshops.

To download the Rockmaster technical specifications sheet, please click here.

For additional information on Rockmaster hoses and availabilities, please contact your Hyspec Operations Manager or visit http://www.hyspec.com/contact-us/ for our office contact details.

Tommy Bowman Celebrates 10 Years of Service with Hyspec

In June 2015, Tommy Bowman, Hyspec Mining Services Africa Regional Director, will celebrate his ten years of service with Hyspec. Tommy joined Hyspec in 2005, as co-shareholder and Managing Director of Hyspec Zambia. In 2013, he took over the role of Regional Director for Africa, in charge of all Hyspec operations on the continent.

“In the ten years I’ve been with Hyspec, our business has evolved tremendously”, explains Tommy. “When I joined the company, we were running less then fifteen workshops in four African countries. We now operate over 65 mine site based workshops in ten countries and a large logistical base in Australia from where we manage stock for the entire group. We also changed our name to Hyspec Mining Services, then to Hyspec Mining Services Fluiconnecto by Manuli when the Manuli group bought 51 percent of our company shares in 2013. But one thing has never changed though: it is the team spirit which animates the Hyspec group and keeps us all motivated on a daily basis. New employees who join Hyspec do not only join a profitable company, they also become part of a family.  Even though there have been evolutions over the past ten years, the business environment in Africa remains difficult, unpredictable and challenging. The entrepreneurial and family spirit that we have developed at Hyspec over the years are, in my opinion, the key success factors which have made Hyspec what it is today. If I had to express one wish for the future, it would be that this family and team spirit remain alive, no matter which difficulties or successes the group goes through. I firmly believe that these will remain the key components to keep an imaginative, reactive and resourceful team going, to our clients’ benefit.”


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