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About Hyspec Mining Services

Founded in 1996, incorporated in Western Australia, Hyspec Mining Services is the premier supplier of replacement hydraulics parts and service equipment to the mining and exploration industry in Africa. Hyspec is part of the Fluiconnecto by Manuli Group, a division of Manuli Rubber Industries, the world leader in the manufacture of steel reinforced hydraulic hoses and fittings for mining.

Hyspec’s first African venture was in Ghana in 1996, and since then, with over seventeen years of direct mine site experience, Hyspec has been providing hydraulic, fuelling and lubrication equipment and services to mining projects across Africa. Hyspec effectively assists mining contractors, drilling companies and mine support businesses reduce their operational costs, improve their equipment availability and increase their production, 24/7.

With global warehouses on every continent, presence in 22 countries worldwide and over 65 mine site based workshops throughout Africa, Hyspec Mining Services is the most experienced in providing first world hydraulics services to surface and underground mines. Purchasing and logistics for the group are managed from a 1000 square meter warehouse facility located in Perth, Australia.

In Africa, Hyspec Mining Services has regional offices and central warehouses in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia. All regional offices are registered under the Hyspec name.

Hyspec further operates a “Managed Workshop” model in four other African countries currently.
The products and services supplied by Hyspec in Africa to the mining industry are critical, demonstrably reduce downtime, and position Hyspec as a welcome partner in any new mining project.

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